Be A Foster

Adopting a pet is a wonderful deed—you'll help a dog or cat in need while at the same time find a devoted animal companion.  But it's also a long-term commitment and not to be taken lightly.


You'll need to be prepared to provide care, food, training and attention— be ready to deal with a pet that may shed on or chew or scratch furniture—and be able to afford years of veterinary costs.  


But what you'll receive in return is priceless and immeasurable: the gift of unconditional love.

Online Adoption/Foster Application Form

​By submitting an application form, you are not committing to adopting a pet, but providing information UCAPS needs to help you find your perfect pet. You will be contacted by a UCAPS representative to discuss your application and tell you more about the adoption process.


Please review the UCAPS Adoption Contract if you have questions about our adoption requirements. UCAPS adoption fees are $150 - $250 to adopt a dog or puppy and $75 - $100 to adopt a cat or kitten. Your adoption fees will be used to help rescue other animals.


If you have any questions please call (870) 862-0502 or email Click here for a printable copy of an adoption application