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UCAPS is always looking for fosters who are willing to take in animals who may need some extra TLC until they are ready to find forever homes.One of the key elements of our adoption and placement program for animals is the foster program. This program gives homeless pets a safe haven and loving care while we search for the best forever home for each animal.Pets in the foster program are cared for by individuals or families in their own homes. They remain in foster care until a permanent home is found or they are ready to come back to the shelter. This may take a few days or a few months. Animals may need to be in foster due to pregnancy, being too young, needing to be bottle fed, medical needs and just for socialization.Foster parents will be given direction and support from UCAPS. Food, crates (if needed), medical care and all needed supplies are provided by UCAPS. In return, foster families agree to follow the foster program guidelines in caring for and helping to place the animal.


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