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About Us

Union County Animal Protection Society (UCAPS) was incorporated in 1985 as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, dedicated to the animal welfare of Union County, Arkansas. The shelter facility, located at 1000 Sunset Road, El Dorado, was constructed in 1988. The shelter operates under the leadership of one shelter manager and several full and part-time employees. The staff lovingly cares for more than 200 animals daily.

The UCAPS Adoption Center, located at 727 E. Main Street, El Dorado, opened January 2020. The facility allows for families to meet and interact with an animal in a home-style setting. Adoption facilitations, community outreach programs, educational sessions, arts and crafts, movie and game nights, pet health services, TRN (trap, neuter, and return for stray and feral cats) training and trapping sessions, and lots of animal cuddling are just a few of the activities you will find at the AC.

UCAPS works to promote positive interactions between our community and animals through education in responsible pet ownership and healthy pet living. UCAPS goal is to enrich the lives of the members of our community, both human and animal.



  • To provide temporary humane care, food, shelter, and medical attention for stray, homeless, abandoned, neglected, and abused animals of Union County.

  • To protect animals from cruelty, neglect, carelessness, and ignorance.

  • To promote a reasonable adoption program, assuring to the best of our ability that the animals are placed in homes where they will receive adequate care and companionship, food, water, shelter, and veterinarian attention when necessary.

  • To continuously advance and work a spay/neuter program, firmly believing that this is the only humane solution to the tragic problem of pet overpopulation.

  • To develop and promote public education programs on the ethical and humane treatment of animals.

  • To foster a public sentiment of humanity and gentleness toward animals.

  • To encourage and promote responsible pet ownership.


Our Programs

Trap and Release (TNR) - a program by which feral cats are trapped, spayed or neutered, and then released back into their environment
Spay and Neuter Clinics - UCAPS has spay and neuter vouchers for those that wish to prevent future unwanted litters but may not be able to afford it at this time

Paw Patrol Education - We provide community education programs for all ages and group sizes. Please reach out if you would like a member of our staff to speak to your class or group!

Transport - Due to our overflowing shelter numbers, we transport some of our animals to shelters around the country (Connecticut, Michigan, Illinois, and more!) who have room for them and even adopters lined up! 

2022 Intakes - 792

2022 Adoptions - 198

2022 Transports - 543

Quorum Court Presentation 2022

Terra Walker

Susan Tolin

Sandra Maguire

Kim Phillips

Pam Mulligan

Jana Reynolds

Terri Patronagio-Kilby

Stan Westmoreland

Vicki Johnican

Tanja Jackson

Kristi Griffin

Denise Holt

Katie Dow

Linda Rathbun

Board Members

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