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The UCAPS Adoption Center is looking for volunteers on all three shifts every day (morning, lunch time, evening). If you have 90 minutes a week to contribute, we would greatly appreciate your help! Depending on if you volunteer with dogs or cats, duties may include but aren't limited to: 

  • Scooping poop/litter

  • Giving animals food and water

  • Cleaning crates ​

  • Walking dogs

  • Sweeping/mopping

  • Loving on our sweet animals!

Other volunteer opportunities outside of the Adoption Center:

  • Transporting animals

  • Trap and release

  • Helping with fundraisers

  • Grants


Interested in volunteering?
Apply below, and we'll contact
you in a few days!

Volunteer Application

If under the age of 18, an Animal House Shelter Waiver of Claims form will need to be signed at the shelter before you can volunteer. Children under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by a legal parent/guardian.

Type of volunteer work that is of interest to you (check all that apply):
Are you volunteering for community service hours? *If vounteering for community service, please call the shelter at 870-866-3223 first since other terms apply.
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